Turning it on. Again.

New Release_Autoturn

In case you missed it, (or #ICYMI for you social media savvy types) Transoft hosted a webinar last week to the latest version of AutoTURN and AutoTURN 3D. The webinar attracted a large audience nearing 400 participants consisting of transportation engineers, architects, CAD technologists, land developers and more working within public agencies and companies of various sizes. Among them, 77% of the attendees were from consulting firms and 23% from DOT’s, cities, and counties.

Here’s just a few of the exciting new AutoTURN 9.1 features the viewers were treated to:

  • Ability to define multiple 2D shapes/loads for a vehicle to simulate cargo or attachments
  • – Setting 3D tracking points for a vehicle and its shape/load
  • – Generating multiple cross-sections at once using the punch through reporting tool
  • – Creating and recording videos within AutoTURN
  • – New vehicle libraries for North America (NACTO, ILDOT 2014)

Interactive webinars also give us a chance to collect valuable feedback as shown in the charts below. We asked the audience which of the new features they found most useful and nearly 50% reported finding value in both conflict detection and the ability to evaluate shape loads.

Fig 1. Is 3D becoming more prominent in your organization?


Clearly AutoTURN 9.1 is shaping up to be a winner in the eyes of the user. And telling from the map below showing usage amongst the US DOT’s and Canadian MOT’s, it’s clear that AutoTURN is definitely turning it up!

In case you missed the webinar you can still view the presentation by clicking here.

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AutoTURN® for Autodesk® Revit® delivers an easy-to-use vehicle swept path analysis tool for Revit users, allowing architects and other design professionals to perform simple turning maneuvers within the Autodesk Revit environment.

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