Canadian Practice Manual for BIM

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Canadian Practice Manual for BIM

IBC has undertaken the work of delivering a multi-volume Canadian Practice Manual for BIM to best support BIM Implementation in Canada. IBC has secured funding from NRC IRAP to move forward with this project. buildingSMART Canada, a council for IBC, is leading the effort to develop this practice manual with participation from practitioners and professional groups from across Canada. Therefore, IBC and buildingSMART Canada are inviting all BIM engaged professionals interested in establishing a nationally consistent approach and understanding of BIM to contribute to the development of a multi-disciplinary, multi-volume BIM Practice Manual.

The Canadian Practice Manual for BIM will be delivered in three parts. Volume 1, which has already been drafted, will act as a primer on BIM fundamentals and terminology and provides a consistent basis for Canada. Volume 2 will focus on the adoption and use of BIM at the company or organization level. Volume 3 will focus on the use of BIM at the project level and will feature the best practices and use of BIM for information exchanges and risk management to support collaboration and best ensure project success.

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Status NRC-IRAP has awarded funding to the Institute for BIM in Canada

Sponsors: Forthcoming

Lead: John Dickinson and Paul Woodard

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A practical & pragmatic BIM standard for the Architectural, Engineering and Construction industry

The 3DA group has representatives from architectural, engineering and construction companies in Canada, large and small; adoption for AEC. Our BIM
company is working together to realize a unified, usable, co-originated approach to Building Information Modelling in a design environment.