Autodesk University Convention 2012

Autodesk University Convention 2012 is approaching! Increase your knowledge and understanding about products you already use. By attending AUC 2012 you can learn about new features, tools, and technologies that will benefit your company. Improve your collaboration capabilities, learn about new ways to reduce costs, and network with thousands of clients.

Thousands of engineers, innovators, designers, and senior business leaders have gathered to connect, learn and explore at Autodesk University. You will learn and understand more about new software and innovations with BIM in the AEC Market. This also allows you to gain a competitive advantage for your business, and a professional advantage for yourself. Why should you attend Autodesk University?

Become More Productive

Increase your knowledge about products you already use. Learn about new features, tools, and technologies that might benefit you and your company. Improve your problem-solving skills and help your company reduce costs and get to market faster.

Get Connected

Build relationships with the best and brightest—then stay connected all year long with the AU community on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Just one tip or a new approach for solving a problem can make the trip to AU worthwhile.

Gain the Inside Track

Hear firsthand what Autodesk executives have to say about where Autodesk is going—the vision and strategy that will keep you and your organization on the leading edge.

Glimpse the Future

Stay on top of industry trends and learn entirely new ways to design and innovate. Check out the latest technologies and services in the AU Exhibit Hall.

Keep Learning

The AU experience doesn’t end when the conference does. You gain full access to the AU website, where you have 24/7 access to class content and resources to help your organization innovate and grow all year long.

For information about on the Autodesk University Convention or to register, visit Autodesk University Convention 2012.

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