Mobile Device 3D Designs

Your 3D Revit Models can now be see on iOS devices by converting them into 3D PDF’s using 3DA System’s 3D PDF Converter for Revit combined with Techsoft 3D’s 3D PDF Reader app and Adobe’s Reader app.

Requirements to View a Revit Model on your iPad or iPhone

As mentioned above there are 3 things you will need to view your model on your iPad or iPhone:
  1. 3DA System’s 3D PDF Converter for Revit
  2. Techsoft 3D’s 3D PDF Reader iPhone/iPad app
  3. Adobe’s free reader for iPhone/iPad app

How to View a Revit Model on your iPad or iPhone 1. Once you have converted your Revit model into a 3D PDF, you need to be able access it from your iOS device. One simple way to do this would be emailing yourself the file and opening your email on your iPad or iPhone. Another way would be to use a cloud based service such as DropBox, which has an iOS app, where you can upload your files and retrieve them through the app.
this 2. When you are able to access the file on your iOS device open it in the Adobe Reader app. A screen will prompt you to “Click to Activate 3D PDF”, tap this screen.
Click to Activate 3D PDF 3. Another prompt will appear asking you to choose a program. Select Techsofts 3D’s 3D PDF Reader.
Open in 3D PDF Reader
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What Can You Do With The Model On Your iOS Device

Simply using the multi-touch gestures you know so well on your iOS device you can pan, zoom and rotate models easily. 3D PDF Reader also supports views and the ability to query, isolate and hide elements of a design. For example, if you wanted to look at a particular window in a specific room you would:
Click This Link 1. Double tap the exterior wall and a menu with three choices will appear. Select “Hide” to hide the wall so you can look into the room.
Side View Select 2. Double tap the window (or any element you are interested in) and the same menu will appear, select isolate.
Side View Select 3. The window will zoom in and isolate, from here you can manipulate the view of the element and examine it.
Isolation view


  • Navigate between various model views
  • Cycle through model views automatically
  • Query the names of elements in a design
  • Isolate or hide elements of a design
  • Single tap on 3D models within Adobe Reader to load the model into 3D PDF Reader

Sample 3D PDFs

pop over to this site The Adobe® Reader® 9 or later software is needed to use the 3D PDF files that can be downloaded below. Please be sure that you have the latest version of Reader for the best results.

dating personality match These files can be opened in your internet browser only if you are opening them with Adobe® Reader®. However, we recommend downloading them to your desktop by right clicking on the link and selecting “save as” then opening them from there. Please enable “Double Side Rendering” in Adobe® Reader to view the 3D PDFs.